90% of business travelers say traveling is an important driver for company growth and 91% prefer to close a deal in person, even if it means getting on a plane.

Unfortunately, obstacles such as too-strict policies or a lack of on-the-go support can be demotivating to business travelers. On the other hand, however, a seamless and successful business trip can leave employees happier and more satisfied with their jobs. So how should HR professionals (or anyone invested in the organization’s culture) think about business travel as a way to drive more employee engagement?

In this webinar, TripActions Chief People Officer Leslie Crowe talks through the top ways to use business travel to drive employee engagement. 6 Ways Business Travel Drives Employee Engagement covers:

  • How business travel helps make employees happier and more engaged
  • Which people-centric policies improve the business traveler experience
  • How business travel can impact recruiting and retention