One single source of truth for all company spend

Track and manage all business spend in one place to stay on top of what’s been spent, monitor trends, and take action if costs get out of line.

Monitor spend data in real time

Access to real-time spend analytics supports better financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting. With real-time contextual insight of business spend data, finance teams can reduce spend leakage while gaining accurate forecasting and policy improvement opportunities.

Uncover new insights with unprecedented granularity

Interactive dashboards help Finance teams spot trends, identify patterns, and spot anomalies at any given time to respond quickly to changing business conditions. With the most relevant information available, decision making becomes more accurate, agile, and intuitive.

View your data, your way

Drill deeper into spend data across departments, geography, date range, currencies, points of sales and cost centers. Finance teams can easily take action with all the data they need at their fingertips, from transaction-level information to end-to-end views of all business spend.

Make smarter, data-driven decisions

Transform spend data into compelling and actionable insights to drive cost savings and efficiency. Getting a transparent view of your company’s financial condition any day of the month supports responsive business planning and implementation.

“Expenses are typically burdensome to any finance team and the employees submitting them. That’s why we are thrilled about TripActions Liquid’s mission to modernize financial processes by fusing payments and expense management into one central solution. The revolutionary product TripActions has built will help Databricks gain better visibility into our air spend and accelerate the reconciliation process - all while saving employees the time and hassle of expensing.”
– Ryan Meonske, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at Databricks


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