Build a culture of trust and transparency

TripActions Liquid™ empowers employees to make business purchases while finance leaders stay in control. With TripActions Liquid smart cards, admins can set spend limits upfront, which are auto-enforced whenever employees make a transaction. By building policies directly into corporate cards, finance leaders can confidently distribute them without fear of out-of-policy spending.

Customize policies to accommodate unique spending needs

With a custom policy builder, admins can tailor spend controls based on role, expense category, business context, and more. When employees book travel on TripActions, policies for on-trip expenses immediately activate. Proactive, customizable policies give admins the flexibility to meet unique spending needs.

Screenshot showing TripActions’ Policy tool and customization options.

Drive compliance with built-in controls

Once configured, spend controls are built into TripActions Liquid cards so that transactions are approved, flagged as out-of-policy, or declined in real-time, at the point of purchase. Since policies are auto-enforced, finance teams can confidently distribute cards and prevent out-of-policy spend without policing employees.

Streamline approval workflows

TripActions Liquid saves countless hours wasted on reviewing and approving expenses. Based on policy settings, transactions are triaged upfront so that authorized spend is auto-approved while out-of-policy spend is flagged for further review.

Screenshot showing the Transaction section of the TripActions Liquid dashboard that displays the latest card transactions for review.

Itemize expenses for granular visibility

Expenses submitted with a receipt are automatically itemized to track spend at a granular level. TripActions Liquid breaks down an expense into line items, which are automatically mapped to a policy and assigned to an expense type, GL code, and custom field. The process of tracking and splitting multi-item expenses, like hotel stays, has never been easier.

Empower employees with transparent policies

Expense policies are visible in the TripActions Liquid mobile app, making it easy for employees to reference at all times. Along with smart cards, transparent policies support employees to spend responsibly on the company’s behalf.

“With Liquid, the biggest struggle for some people is just letting the policy do the work. We set the policy and trust our partner and team members. This trust is the only way to successfully manage a system as smart as Liquid. We spent a lot of time setting up the policy on the front so it is intuitive to the expense process. It’s been a big shift for the company. We don’t have to babysit our team members anymore.”
– Tasha Kammerzell, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Sono Bello

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