Equip your team with smart corporate cards

TripActions Liquid gives employees a simple way to pay while finance teams stay in control. With smart virtual and physical cards, policies are built in to ensure responsible spending, real-time transaction visibility, and automated expense reporting for all business spend. Customers may have TripActions Liquid cards issued by Stripe in GBP, EUR, and/or USD currencies. Plus, customers enjoy a competitive rebate on all spend using TripActions Liquid!*
*Rebate applies to all USD spend through TripActions Liquid. Program terms and conditions apply.

Empower employees to pay easily and efficiently

With TripActions Liquid, finance leaders can issue virtual and physical cards to remove cash flow burdens from employees. Employees can use company money to securely pay for travel booked on TripActions, routine expenses, spot purchases, or recurring subscriptions.

Streamline travel payments with TripActions Liquid Travel

TripActions Liquid Travel is a centralized billing card that streamlines the payment process from reservation through reconciliation. Instead of using personal funds for travel, employees can pay with a corporate account when booking on TripActions. At the end of each billing cycle, finance teams get one statement with each traveler’s spend, which makes reconciliation fast and easy.

Control spend with built-in policies

With a custom policy builder, admins can create spend controls and approval workflows based on role, expense category, business context, and more. Since spend controls are built into TripActions Liquid cards and auto-enforced at the point of sale, finance leaders can prevent policy violations and distribute cards with confidence.

Save time with automated expense reports

When employees swipe their TripActions Liquid cards, transactions are approved, flagged, or declined in real time, at the point of purchase. Authorized spend is automatically submitted and reconciled to eliminate manual expense reports. Employees are freed from time-consuming paperwork, and finance teams save hours from month-end reconciliation.

Enjoy unlimited cashback on all eligible spend*

Companies that use TripActions Liquid cards are eligible to receive a competitive cash rebate on all spend, including travel bookings paid with TripActions Liquid Travel and all business spend paid with TripActions Liquid virtual and physical cards.
*Rebate applies to all USD spend through TripActions Liquid. Program terms and conditions apply.

Easily request and issue virtual cards for recurring and spot purchases

TripActions Liquid allows finance teams to manage spend requests and approvals in one place. Once employees submit a request through the TripActions Liquid mobile app or web app, approvers can review requests, edit card limits, and issue cards in the same tool, leading to a seamless experience while ensuring spend control.

Manage purchase workflows in Slack

Employees can easily request purchase cards in Slack. Slack sends requests to the right approver, who can review and instantly issue the card with built-in policies.


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