Eliminate the hassle of expense reporting

TripActions Liquid eliminates the hassle of expense reporting. When out-of-pocket expenses are created in the TripActions Liquid mobile app, transaction details are captured and coded to automate spend controls, approvals, reconciliation, and reporting. Employees receive rapid reimbursements through direct deposit when they connect the app to their bank accounts.

Conveniently submit out-of-pocket expenses

When paying for business expenses with personal funds, employees can conveniently submit an out-of-pocket expense through the TripActions Liquid mobile app. For ease, employees can snap a picture of their receipt, import a transaction from a personal card, or manually enter transaction details. Once expenses are created, they’re instantly auto-categorized and submitted.

Claim Per Diem for Travel Expenses

Finance leaders can give employees an allowance for travel expenses to remove cash flow burdens and prevent out-of-policy spend. By setting per diem policies based on user group, country of origin, and travel destination, admins make it easy for employees to claim their allowance and finance leaders to control spend.

Submit business mileage for reimbursement

Employees can accurately and effortlessly track and submit business mileage from their mobile device. Distance driven can be logged based on total mileage in Google Maps, manual entry, or odometer photos. Admins can proactively set up policy flags for mileage per transaction to prevent egregious submissions.

Enjoy rapid reimbursements with direct deposit

By connecting the TripActions Liquid mobile app with personal bank accounts, employees can receive rapid reimbursements in one business day. The waiting game for payroll reimbursements is over.

Screenshot - Showing how you can add a personal bank account within TripActions Liquid mobile app so that you can receive rapid reimbursements.

Get real-time spend visibility and reporting

TripActions Liquid allows finance teams to manage card spend and out-of-pocket expenses in one place. Interactive dashboards provide an instant, consolidated view of spend, which can be sliced and diced with unprecedented granularity. And, by seamlessly integrating with ERPs, TripActions Liquid helps create a single source of truth for all business spend.

Screenshot showing the real-time, interactive spend dashboard in the TripActions app.
“The physical TripActions Liquid cards will completely solve the issue of employees having to pay for certain hotels upon checkout as well as the challenges of out-of-pocket expenses. This will bring 95% of our travel spend through TripActions Liquid which means that 95% of our reconciliation will be done for us automatically.”
– David Wieseneck, VP of Finance, letgo

letgo Gets Greater Control Over Travel Spend with TripActions Liquid™

With more than 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo is the largest and fastest-growing platform to buy and sell locally. As the 300+ person organization scaled, so did letgo’s travel spend, making controlling and managing T&E a top Finance team priority.


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