Traveler safety has always been an integral part of corporate travel management, but the coronavirus global pandemic has taught HR, finance, operations, risk management, procurement, and travel program leaders just how critical it is to have a plan in place for when the unexpected happens.

The TripActions Business Travel Continuity™ Checklist outlines 10 steps for ensuring your organization has the ability to rapidly adapt and become resilient in the face of business disruptions, dynamic market changes, and quickly evolving situations.

You’ll learn how to build an integrated, comprehensive contingency plan that empowers your company leaders to react and realign every level of their business based on real-time data, including how to:

  • Ensure the safety of business travelers and deliver on exceptional duty of care capabilities
  • Access real-time relevant data to support traveler safety and inform shifting policies
  • Account for financial loss and pivot strategies based on full visibility
  • Provide flexible expense and corporate card offerings that enable employees to work safely through crises

Download the checklist now to get your organization up to speed.