50% of today’s business travelers regularly go rogue, and we’re sure 100% of companies don’t want their travelers booking business trips on their favorite consumer travel sites. If travelers aren’t using the provided tool, organizations lose visibility into what they book and spend.

A Guide to Getting 100% Traveler Adoption: The Next Generation of Corporate Travel Management aims to help businesses drive more adoption and get the most out of their business travel investment.

Download our ebook to learn how to deliver the 5 components of a successful corporate travel management solution:

  • Choice: What inventory are you surfacing for your travelers?
  • Ease-of-use: How simple and seamless is the tool you’ve provided?
  • Support: Do your road warriors feel cared for while on the go?
  • Flexibility: Does your program allow for individual preferences?
  • Trust: Can you ensure your travelers stay safe no matter what?