Sono Bello Modernizes Its T&E Program

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Sono Bello is a leading medical practice with more than 40 locations across the United States. In June of 2020, it found that business was pushing forward and their sales and executives teams had to start visiting stores. It quickly became evident that the company needed a partner who would be able to handle the complexities of traveling in a new world.

Sono Bello had previously partnered with Concur to book travel, but ended its contract when the pandemic hit without a new partner in place. “No one was happy with Concur... The booking and travel agents were separate and it became a long, painful process for people,” explains Tasha Kammerzell, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager.

  • Inefficient & expensive travel agent service
  • Manual pre-approvals that slowed travel
  • Out-of-policy spend with little oversight
  • Wasted employee time
Results with TripActions
  • One-stop shop for travel & expense management
  • 24/7 access to travel agents via chat, phone
  • Visibility & control over corporate spend
  • Increased efficiency & productivity

Upgrading Policies & Perspectives

The team quickly decided on TripActions as its travel partner and was pleasantly surprised when it discovered that TripActions Liquid had recently been introduced. Sono Bello leadership was eager to onboard an end-to-end solution that would take care of their travel and expense management needs on one single platform.

A Next-Gen Travel Agent Experience

The travel agent service was a priority as Sono Bello resumed travel in June 2020. With complex itineraries and flight cancellations becoming more frequent, Sono Bello’s traveling team members needed reliable service that could effectively support its travelers without extra costs.

“The TripActions travel agents really stood out to us,” said Tasha.

An End-to-End T&E Solution

Sono Bello’s team is currently using TripActions Liquid’s physical cards. Tasha finds it easy to add new team members and assign them cards with the new expense management program. Because of built-in policy controls, Tasha feels comfortable arming individual team members with cards so that each never needs to pay for expenses upfront.

“Once people started using TripActions, they saw how easy it was and how we could do reporting on a weekly basis. We share the reports with the president so he can see who is traveling on a weekly basis and he’s comfortable with everyone who is flying in and out. He has visibility that he didn’t have before.”
Tasha Kammerzell, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager at Sono Bello

Pivoting Towards the Future

The culture shift was accelerated by onboarding TripActions. “There’s been a shift in company culture and working with TripActions was a great step to take towards becoming more efficient. It’s really alleviated all the pain points we had with Concur,” said Tasha.


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