Epicor Harnesses TripActions for Global End-to-End T&E Solution

Since implementing TripActions in 2020, Epicor has seen time savings of 66%, user satisfaction skyrocket, and overall improvements in adoption, productivity, and savings.

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Epicor wasn’t looking for a new corporate payment solution, but it became clear that TripActions Liquid™ was the perfect complement to TripActions for an end-to-end corporate travel and expense solution.

“It was a no-brainer to make the switch to TripActions Liquid, to have full control and visibility while increasing the convenience to our travelers who use a corporate payment method,” explains Epicor procurement consultant Robin Bell.

Once the decision was made, Epicor’s team was blown away by the speed and detail of implementation. The end-to-end solution was implemented globally across all Epicor offices in less than 60 days and TripActions Liquid took less than two weeks.

  • Frustrating, time-consuming booking process
  • Antiquated admin and policy tools
  • Lack of visibility with corporate expense tool
  • Regional implementation
Results with TripActions
  • 66% time savings
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Improved visibility and control
  • End-to-end global solutions

Adapting Policies in Real Time

It was important that Epicor find a solution that allowed them to adapt and update policies in real time.

“Having the access to update TripActions Liquid on the fly substantially increases our ability to adapt and make changes, based on the charges we see, the behavior of our travelers, and changes in our policy,” says Robin.

Time Savings Skyrocket

TripActions Liquid saves 66% of the time previously wasted on manual expense reporting. On the travel side, it takes travelers a third of the time to book than it did with their previous solution. All that time saved is reinvested back into serving Epicor’s customers and revenue-generating activities.

Across-the-board Satisfaction

“The feedback from historically difficult-to-please end users has been overwhelmingly positive in every aspect of the tool. The availability of chat has been huge. Access from mobile has been huge. Being able to fully self-manage reservations, so book and cancel on the platform has been huge,” summarizes Robin.

"We have had corporate payment solutions available to us in the past, but without the visibility and controls that TripActions Liquid offers, we weren't able to opt into those solutions. TripActions is the whole package for us,"
Robin Bell, Procurement Consultant, Epicor

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