Complex Saves 24% While Driving Traveler Satisfaction & Safety

Complex Networks is a Verizon-Hearst Media Partners venture and global lifestyle brand with travel needs ranging from large scale events to daily production shoots. A long-time customer, Complex entrusts TripActions as its strategic lever for culture and growth.

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While primarily focused on enhancing Complex’s internal culture, VP of HR and Operations Jay Salim also works with Finance and Production to set T&E policies centered around production budgets. Since budgets are typically very tight, it’s imperative that the teams are using sound data to drive their core business. This means that they needed a 360-degree understanding of their travel spend — something that they didn’t always have.

  • Lack of dependable travel data
  • Complex and frequently changing travel
  • Balancing business needs with financial oversight
Results with TripActions
  • Optimized traveler safety and T&E compliance
  • High adoption led to 24% hotel savings
  • 24/7 global support, 94% CSAT, +63 NPS

Prior Solution Was "Incredibly Inefficient"

“We used a travel agent prior to TripActions. If you needed to do anything you had to call in, which was incredibly inefficient,” Jay explained. “One of the beautiful things about TripActions is that you can mine historical data, recognize patterns, spending habits, and manage wasteful spending much more efficiently than with any other TMC I’ve used. This allows us to gather insights through travel data and is one of the biggest appeals to me as an HR leader.”

To achieve their goals, Complex looked to a TMC that could not only manage their frequent and occasionally unpredictable travel program, but one that would also help the team strike a balance between employee safety and happiness.

Employee Safety and Well-Being

Jay goes further: “Employee safety and well-being is always something that’s at the forefront of my mind. When you’re holding major events like ComplexCon where 75% of your employee population is traveling to a location, TripActions in an invaluable tool,” said Jay. “Some of our team members simply couldn’t be effective in their jobs without it.”

Reinforced Compliance

Leading the travel operations side is Diana Zorilla, Associate Director of Operations and Facilities, who understood how important adoption was to the team reaching their goals. “When I first got here I was actually surprised how many people were using TripActions,” she said. “The gamification aspect has been incredibly helpful for compliance, which means I can depend on our data to be sound and accurate.”

“I work with a ton of vendors and I look to TripActions as part of the team instead of just a third party I have to interact with. They take a proactive approach that I really value. It feels like they’re part of the family.”
Jay Salim, VP of HR & Operations

Leveraging Data in HR

While data may not be at the forefront of every HR leader’s mind, Jay believes HR teams can leverage data to become more effective with policy controls, performance reviews, and understanding wasteful behavior to correct spending habits. “The access to live metrics in TripActions is a huge benefit and allows us to better assess people’s decision making abilities,” he explained. “From an HR and people management standpoint, travel data is actually helpful during performance reviews, which are often times subjective. One thing I’m particularly proud of, is us saving 24% on our hotels through the reinforcement of positive booking behavior.”

TripActions enables Complex to make better informed business decisions, whether it’s setting policies that affect budgeting for their core revenue stream, or as a strategic tool for HR to better manage wasteful behavior and understanding spending habits.


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