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April 26, 2022

How TripActions’ Integration With QuickBooks Helps Startups Automate Accounting

No question: Startups and other small businesses need to close the books quickly and accurately. Quite often, however, manual work, fragmented tools, and data errors get in the way. In fact, only 28% of respondents to an Adra Match survey said they trusted the accuracy of the numbers in their month-end report. Meanwhile, 90% said they were under pressure to close the books faster, and half took more than six days to close.

What’s the solution? Startups and small businesses need better tools to simplify their accounting process and quickly get data into accounting software so they can focus on growing their business. And that’s exactly what TripActions LiquidTM, the No. 1 corporate card and expense management platform, does using revolutionary software to help companies automate expense reporting and close the books faster.

And with more than 5 million small businesses using QuickBooks Online, TripActions’ direct integration is a vital part of this automation.

Integrate In Minutes

Companies can directly connect TripActions Liquid with their QuickBooks Online account in just a few clicks, complete with general ledger (GL) and category mapping. Since the integration provides a two-way sync, TripActions will always reflect any changes in QuickBooks Online, and vice versa.

Review and Sync Transactions at Your Speed

Once the systems are connected, transactions are automatically coded and categorized within TripActions Liquid. And with automated approvals and immediate receipt capture, admins have all they need to review and sync to QuickBooks Online.

All the Data You Need, All In Real Time

With TripActions Liquid, finance teams get immediate visibility into every dollar spent at the instant a card is swiped, thanks to real-time spend dashboards. With data coming in real time, admins can work toward a continuous close and instantly see spend in both TripActions Liquid and QuickBooks Online.


Learn more about TripActions Liquid’s integration with QuickBooks Online.

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