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October 16, 2018

“TripActions Has Changed Everything”: How TripActions Helps Windsor Machine Group Connect With Customers

Meet Brittany Poliquin.

Brittany is the Corporate Office Administrator for Windsor Machine Group (WMG), an auto-parts manufacturer that’s grown from a small, family-owned shop to a global leader with over two-thousand employees, offices in six countries, and clients including GM, Ford, Toyota and more.

Throughout WMG’s growth they’ve remained unwavering in their commitment to making and maintaining close relationships with their customers. Now that they’re a global company, those personal connections mean some serious business travel; and all of it was flowing through Brittany. As savvy and organized as she is, the sheer scale of managing that much business travel, while keeping costs in-line, was “very stressful.”

WMG’s previous solution was a legacy travel agency that simply couldn’t keep up with the fast-paced demands of WMG’s business. “Before, it used to take up to eight hours to get a response from our old agents,” Brittany explained. “If we needed to change anything it was all done through e-mail. It was really slow and just did not work for a global company.”

Brittany knew there had to be a better way. After all, didn’t a company that prided itself on innovation and customer support deserve the same from its travel solution? After hearing about TripActions from a co-worker, Brittany took a demo, was quickly impressed, and in short order had TripActions up and running throughout WMG. The results were immediate and obvious.

“The fact that you can do everything with one app, one site, is amazing.”

First, those eight hours spent booking travel was a thing of the past. When asked how long booking travel now takes with TripActions, Brittany responds, “Under a minute,” and then, sensing just how low that number is, feels compelled to confirm that, yes, she really does mean under one minute. “I'm serious. Between booking flights and cars and a hotel, it is pretty immediate.”

Fast booking is a great start, but TripAction’s customer support also stands out for Brittany. Going in contrast to their previous travel solution where, “If your flight was delayed, you did not know until you were at the airport already waiting,” to the proactive, 24-hour customer support that TripActions’ offers has been a breath of fresh air. “I like that you are always in the loop,” says Brittany. “If I step away from my computer the support chat automatically pops up on my cell phone. It’s awesome.”

And then, of course there’s all the time Brittany saves thanks to TripActions’ seamless, integrated expense reporting. “It took work off of my plate because everything was all right there. Who is saving money, who is spending money, how much we are spending, where we are getting savings. I like how it’s all laid out.” With that kind of easily accessible visibility, Brittany can focus on saving the company money, not creating spreadsheets.

“You guys just make it a lot easier for us. You take a lot of weight off of our shoulders.”

Meet Brittany. She uses TripActions to keep her travelers moving confidently across the globe, and she loves it.


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